Youth's Wrongful Arrest In Cuttack: Investigating Officer Made A Mistake, Says Police Commissioner

23 March 2019

Bikash Sharma

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Cuttack: Commissioner of Police Satyajit Mohanty accepted today that due to the mistake of the Investigating Officer (IO) a youth was arrested wrongfully in Cuttack. Few days back, tensions arose in the Chandni Chowk area after family members of one Chandan Maharana protested his detention by the cops alleging that he was innocent.

Reportedly, the Commissionerate Police had arrested Chandan for his alleged involvement in a loot case in Sikharpur area of Cuttack in 2013. Meanwhile, locals alleged that Chandan was not involved in any such case and his arrest is the case of wrong identity.

Accepting that Chandan's arrest was a mistake, Mohanty explained, "The name of the actual accused and the person who has been arrested is the exact same. However, the fathers’ names are different. The actual accused and the person who has been arrested knew each other. So the accused took advantage of this situation and gave this Chandan's father’s name instead of his. Since that came on the record, Investigating Officer carried out the process accordingly and arrested this Chandan."

He also added that the Investigating Officer has retired now.

"We have prayed the court to reopen the case and have explained everything to them. He will be released soon and the real person who has done the mischief will be caught. The family members need not be worried as this Chandan is not involved in any crime," he concluded.

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Satyajit Mohanty, Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack