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Wonder Twins Ganga-Jamuna Share One Heart & Liver: Doctors

04 December 2017


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Cuttack: Monday evening brought a heart wrenching news for thousands of well-wishers of the conjoined twin of Nayagarh-Ganga and Jamuna. The twins, admitted to Sishu Bhavan here are born with a single heart and liver.

Doctors at the SCB have confirmed this after conducting a series of tests. After preliminary diagnosis, the medical team had informed that if any of the vital organs are fused, it would be difficult to separate them.

“The CT Scan shows that the two share one heart and one liver and there is a strong suspicion that the heart is not functioning properly. It may be defective,” Paediatrics HoD at Sishu Bhavan, Prof Saroj Kumar Satpahy said.

The conjoined twins are under conservative management and all essential supportive care is being provided to them at the ICU of the sick newborn care unit. The twin sisters, less than three-day-old, were brought to the hospital on Friday, within 24 hours of birth and a team of 12 doctors are monitoring their condition.

“Under these circumstances, the chances of operating them to separate the twins are less. Even if the twins had separate vital organs, it is difficult for the infants to withstand a surgery of this nature,” Prof Satpathy said.

Ganga-Jamuna are thoracopagus twins, who are fused at the thorax (chest and the upper abdomen). The chances of such births are one in 10 lakh. The team of doctors will take a call on operating the twins after a couple of months, only if their vital parameters are normal.

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Prof Saroj Kumar Satpahy, HoD Paediatrics Department, Sishu Bhavan Cuttack