With Monsoon Approaching, Hirakud Dam Authorities Advise People To Remain Alert

Bhubaneswar: As monsoon has already reached Andaman Islands and is fast approaching Kerala, it will not be long before rains start lashing Odisha as well. Every year during this season, sluice gates of Hirakud Dam are opened to release excess flood water. In view of this, the dam authorities have issued an advisory to people.

The advisory states people to remain alert and limit their activity near Mahandi river bed as gates might be opened at any time as soon as the water goes up the warning level. The siren near the spillway will sound alert for three times- first for 2 minutes followed by two times for 30 seconds each with an interval of 20 seconds in the middle.

The authorities have also stated that due to construction of barrages in the upper basin of the river in Chhattisgarh, the amount of water that will suddenly gush in after dam gates are opened cannot be exactly ascertained. Thus, people have been asked to take care of life and property along the Mahanadi river bed.