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Winner In Adversary: Vishal-Shekhar Engaged Fans in Bhubaneswar .FEST Though Sound System Failed

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01 December 2018


Bhubaneswar: True artists can give their best even in adverse conditions was proved by musician duo Vishal and Shekhar today at the High Octane (Curtain Raiser) of .FEST (Bhubaneswar City Festival) after the sound system failed for nearly an hour during their performance.

Vishal-Shekhar displayed quick presence of mind and asked the security to allow the audience to come near the stage and dance with them to lift up the mood. For some time the venue appeared chaotic as many people jumped barricade and approached the stage.

But soon things came under control and Vishal-Shekhar made their fans dance and didn't let them disappoint. It was something unexpected for the audience who had gathered to enjoy an enthralling performance of the famous musicians.

Later, the sound system was partially fixed and Vishal-Shekhar performed for another couple of hours drawing applause and admiration from the 10,000-odd crowd gathered at the Exhibition Ground here.

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