12 BJD MP-Elects Meet Naveen
12 BJD MP-Elects Meet Naveen

Will Implement ‘Right To Health’ Countrywide If Voted To Power: Rahul Gandhi

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15 March 2019


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Bargarh (Odisha): Congress president Rahul Gandhi today promised to present the whole country with ‘right to health’ if voted to power and also reiterated his earlier promises made to the people urging them to vote for his party to power both at the Centre and Odisha so that his promises could be materialized for the benefits of the general public.

Addressing a public meeting at Sarsara here in the district today, Rahul said, “The way we have given to the people of Rajasthan ‘right to health’, we will present the people with the ‘right to health’ at the national level in the same manner. You will undergo expensive treatment in the hospital affording minimum money. Also afford minimum amount for the higher education of your children. If we come to power, expensive medical treatment and education will be made minimal and affordable.”

“The promises given to the farmers of Chhattisgarh have been kept by our Congress government there. We had also promised for setting up the network of food processing plants and cold storages. The work has begun in Chhattisgarh. Inauguration of food processing plant has begun and I myself inaugurated there,” the Congress president claimed.

He further claimed, “This is the difference of Congress party’s rule and its promises made. When we make a promise, we act on it. Whatever we did in Chhattisgarh, we also wish to do it for you in Odisha. Congress party can do this act very easily for the people of Odisha. I will never tell a lie coming over here like Narendra Modi. Examine my speeches and you won’t get false promises made by me.”

He also promised, “Soon after coming to power at the national level, present GST will be converted into real GST, one tax and that too minimum and simple.”

Rahul also stated, “The aim of our government is to serve the poor. We will invest our government’s money to build hospitals, colleges and universities.”

“Like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan we also want to do for Odisha for which you have vote Congress to power here,” the Congress president urged the voters here.

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Rahul Gandhi, President, Congress Party