Will Gujarat Election Result Revive Congress Prospect In Odisha?

18 December 2017

Tapan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Going by the neck and neck contest between Congress and BJP in Gujarat, apparently beleaguered Congress in Odisha perhaps finds a ray of hope for its revival under its newly-elected president Rahul Gandhi.

Even though the BJP had bragged of bagging a thumping majority in Gujarat and even the Exit Polls by six agencies had also projected so, the real outcome on the day has amazingly given Congress an edge.

In his reactions, senior Congress leader Suresh Chandra Routray said, “Main result will be in 2019 against Modi. This is demonstration, Rahul Gandhi’s trailer. Complete film yet to be released. Rahul Gandhi has exhibited his charisma to the people of Gujarat what is Congress.”

“Last time Congress had won 61 assembly seats in Gujarat. This time for the sake of Modi’s prestige, the people have gone in favour of BJP. While Prime Minister Modi and his whole cabinet colleagues and MPs, CMs and Mukesh Amabani campaigned there, Rahul Gandhi campaigned all alone.”

“Naveen Babu has been in power for the last 17 years by means of mere publicity. Same publicity method also adopted by Modi. Hence, in the next general elections, both will be rejected by the people prefering Congress.”

Senior journalist Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra opined, “Such a neck and neck contest augurs well for democracy. It will be beneficial for both the States and the nation. It’s because, the more powerful an opposition is, the party in power won’t dare to take anti-people policies. The Government will rather devote itself to pro-people measures and be sensible towards it. Perhaps the result hints at that. If the opposition is grows stronger, the democracy matures enough. It implies that general voters are becoming more sensible and more matured. Now it won’t be possible for the political leaders to hoodwink the voters.”

“The Gujarat election results will perk up Congress organisation now in the whole nation. Its impact will be obviously on the country including Odisha. Because, it leads to the general elections. Congress leaders as well as their grassroots level workers will now be certainly encouraged by the Gujarat result. In Odisha, the dormant Congress organisation will now get lively and spurred up,” the political analyst commented.

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Suresh Kumar Rout, Senior Congress Leader, Odisha

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Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra, Senior Journalist, Odisha