Will BJD’s 2019 Results Be “Better” Than 2014 As Expected By Naveen Patnaik?

12 April 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: Soon after the Phase-I polling was over yesterday for four Lok Sabha seats along with 28 assembly seats under them, BJD supremo-cum-Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik asserted that his party is going to outperform its 2014 results in the current elections.

Thanking the people for turning up in large numbers to cast their votes, the regional satrap in his media reactions has already said yesterday that he expects the results to be better than the 2014 elections.

OMMCOM NEWS gathered reactions from political analysts and poll pundits and here is what they opine on BJD’s score this time as well as Naveen Patnaik’s “better expectations”.

Senior journalist and poll pundit Prashant Pattanik said, “When a person is in the electoral fray or any competition, it is obviously thought of sure success. No one participates to be unsuccessful in a competition. Naveen Babu has shown his success in the last five elections. He has himself tasted success and had also let others taste too.”

“Whatever he has done in the last five years, those developmental activities hadn’t been undertaken in such quantum in the last 14 years. Hence, this confidence is that he would do better this time,” he remarked.

He opined, “Certainly there is weightage of Modiji and Naveen Babu. Modi’s and Rahul Gandhi’s frequent Odisha tours will definitely have an impact on the voters. But, symbol has now become less important than the candidate in many places. Hence, let’s wait and watch the results to come amid such confusion.”

Another senior journalist and poll pundit Dilip Bisoi said, “The polling held yesterday in the four Lok Sabha seats, all had been won by BJD in 2014 election. Out of the 28 Assembly seats, BJD had bagged 20.”

“BJD has solidly strengthened its organization. Hence, BJD may gain 20-25 seats from the 28 Assembly seats already polled yesterday. Some seats out of the 28 may go to Congress and BJP. But, BJD is undoubtedly winning above 20 seats,” he predicted.

He stated, “This election is indeed significant. BJP is strongly asserting itself. BJD has a strong organizational strength in Odisha. The Chief Minister is ahead of others in roadshows and addressing rallies as well as reaching very close to the people. On the other hand, BJP’s organization is not so strong across Odisha. But, their (BJP’s) campaign is very effective. Congress has got its traditional votes. Hence, Congress is also in race in some pockets. Thus, we should wait for the election results.”

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Prashant Pattnaik, Senior Journalist

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Dilip Bisoi, Senior Journalist