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Why Is “KALIA” Inspiring Centre?

16 January 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: The ‘KALIA’ scheme, recently implemented by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik-led Odisha Government, has not only been appreciated by the 15th Finance Commission during its recent visit to the State, but has also reportedly inspired Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government at the Centre as farmers play a decisive role in the nation building and also in the election results.

This has been evident from the results of the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh held in the recent past in which the respective BJP governments got trounced by its political bête noire Congress on farmers’ issues.

As per media reports, the incumbent BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre has taken Odisha Government’s “KALIA” scheme very seriously and has asked its bureaucrats and agricultural experts to study it and evolve out a scheme like “KALIA” in its new avatar (incarnation).

In his reactions, senior journalist and political analyst Prashanta Patnaik said, “Naveen Babu’s KALIA scheme will benefit the sharecroppers, real farmers, landless farmers and the land labourers. Earlier it had not been. The components were never found any other earlier schemes.”

“KALIA scheme was criticized by the PCC president and other political opponents. But it was found out that the scheme has no substitute. The loan waiver only benefits the land owner, not the others who are the real farmers and toil hard. The sharecroppers are never benefitted from the farm loan waiver. KALIA scheme benefits all categories,” he opined.

He stated, “Modiji during his Odisha visits is having various projects worth thousands of crores of rupees. But he is apprehensive that a major chunk of people, the farmers, will be deprived of the benefits. Hence, the Centre feels that there need to be a scheme like KALIA so that all categories of farmers will be benefitted.”

Another senior journalist and political expert Dilip Bisoi said, “KALIA is best of all the farmer welfare schemes. It has all the provisions to benefit the farmers of all the categories. It is even better than the yojanas implemented by the then Madhya Pradesh Government and Telangana Government. Hence, the Centre is wishing to implement the scheme like KALIA.”

“Because, this scheme for the first time benefits small farmers, marginal farmers, sharecroppers and land labourers. That’s why the Centre wants to implement a scheme like KALIA in the whole country,” he opined.

He also opined, “In the assembly elections the defeat of the BJP governments there hinted that the farmers are peeved with the Centre. Thus, the Centre wants to appease the farmers. KALIA scheme is such a scheme by which the farmers can be pacified without loan waiver. Keeping in view the upcoming election, the BJP-led Central Government wishes to implement a scheme like KALIA.”

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Prashanta Patnaik, Senior Journalist

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Dilip Bisoi, Senior Journalist