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Why Did Bhubaneswar MLA Ananta Jena Go To Parvinder’s House At Midnight?

16 January 2020

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: In an interesting turn of events to the Parvinder Pal Singh’s case, Bhubaneswar Central MLA, Ananta Narayan Jena visited the former's residence on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday.

Jena was accompanied by at least three other persons including a senior police official and a senior member of Bhubaneswar Sikh community. The police officer who was present with Jena was Anup Kanungo who is posted in the rank of a DSP with Khurda police, the CCTV visuals revealed.

At around 1:30 am in the night, the four persons knocked on the door of Parvinder's flat and rang the doorbell at least five times. While Parvinder who is under medication and recuperating from the grievous injuries after the murderous attack was deep asleep, his wife and three children woke up to attend the doorbell.

“We are in state of fear and intimidation. On noticing four unidentified men outside in the dead of the night, I decided not to respond. After waiting for around 15 minutes outside the door, the four persons left,” said Parvinder’s wife.

Today morning the Jena went to Parvinder's house once again. He consoled and asked them not to worry. “But I have come to know that the accused have got bail. The attack was murderous, then how could they secure release? What charges were they booked on? Are we really safe under such circumstances,” said Parvinder.

Now the question arises, is it not uncalled for on the part of an MLA to drop at a constituent's home, uninvited and in the dead of the night?

On the other hand, local BJP Leader Jagannath Pradhan said that after the three accused were released on bail, they were celebrating with their friends.

"I have information that Bhubaneswar Central MLA was a part of the celebration with the assailants where he partook some sweets and even burst crackers. Why did he go to Parvinder's house in the midnight? If his intention was noble, he could have waited till the morning," Pradhan said.

A human rights activist questioned the police officer’s visit to Parvinder’s house. Was the officer on duty? Moreover, he is posted at Khurda, Was he chosen as a special emissary by Commissionerate of Police to intervene in the case? In what capacity did the police officer go to Parvinder’s house in the midnight,” the activist questioned.

"There is a common perception in the public that the local MLA had gone to Singh's house in the dark to strike a deal and ask him not to drag the matter further," a Bhubaneswar-based human rights activist said. OMMCOM NEWS tried to contact Jena for his reaction, but the local Legislator was not available for comments.

Kavaljeet Kaur, Parvinder's Wife

Parvinder Pal Singh, Businessman, Bhubaneswar

Jagannath Pradhan, BJP Leader, Bhubaneswar