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As Summer Temp Soars In Odisha, Here Are Some Refreshing Foods & Drinks To Beat The Heat

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04 April 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: The sun is finally out in full glare, the summer season is here in all its glory and we are more than impatient to gulp down the cool and refreshing summer staples to keep our body hydrated. With increased summer temperatures and outdoor activities comes increased water loss—through sweating and evaporation—as your body works to stay cool.

Crisscrossing the streets of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha during a hot afternoon brought us in contact with the (hot) cool favourites in the temple city.

1: Go Cool With Coconut

Being a coastal State, tender coconut water is an all time favourite in Bhubaneswar. One can find coconut vendors on the streets at regular intervals, luring customers to take refuge in the refreshing drink.

Coconut water is a mineral-rich liquid power packed with potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. An added benefit of coconut water is that it can replenish lost fluids and electrolytes from exercise and hot summer temperatures making it a refreshing, hydrating summer treat.

2: The Glory of Lassi

Chilled and refreshing lassi is very difficult to resist during the hot season and temporary lassi shops are a common sight during summers in the city. People throng to the make-shift shops to have the cool churned curd, topped with additional flavours. Be it rose syrup, mango, kesar or khus, lassi tastes scrumptious with almost all flavours.

Apart from being immensely delicious, it is quite healthy too. It aids in digestion, prevents stomach ailments like bloating, is a good source of probiotic, improves bone health and immune system of the body. So it's time to indulge in this drink without any guilt. One can have a heavy refreshment at only Rs 40 in capital city's famous Lingaraj Lassi.

3: The Sugary Cane

In summer months, sugar cane juice is another favourite drink of the urban dwellers. Prepared by pressing the raw sugarcane, the street vendors sell it adding ice and a splash of salt to make it tasty and chilled, thus refreshing our mind during the hot season.

The benefits of sugarcane juice are maniford. It is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes so it's great for dehydration and helps in preventing tooth decay and bad breath. It builds up plasma and body fluids and helps counter dryness and fatigue in summers.

This healthy and refreshing drink also keeps our liver healthy and is used to treat jaundice. It is the best drink for people riding on two-wheelers as they have stopped preferring chemical-laden bottled cold drinks.

4: The Watery Melon (Summer’s Super Fruit)

Come summers, and the market is flooded with the super fruit of the season, water melon is a true summer super fruit having a number of health benefits. Vendors are seen everywhere on roadside, attracting the customers with the big green fruit having a super juicy red within. In Bhubaneswar, watermelons are available for Rs 20 per kilogram.

Some prefer eating the red slices on the hot afternoon, whereas others take the whole fruit home for the family members, relishing the sweetness and refreshing watery melon.

A single watermelon is made up of 92% water and the rest of the fruit is packed with healthful nutrients – vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber.

5: Crunchy Cucumber

With 95 percent water content, cucumber is a fan favorite. Packed with fiber and Vitamin C, customers throng the street vendors' stalls to get a cucumber sliced and garnished with salt and chili powder.

Many also get creative and make refreshing cucumber recipes: dips, soups and even pickles. Cucumber can also get rid of dark circles and thus be used to refresh the skin during the dry season.

Other refreshing foods also include papaya and yogurt. With these many options to pick from, which one is your favorite?

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Abhimanyu Das, Owner, Lassi Stall

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Tutu, Watermelon Vendor

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Kalandi Jena, Owner, Sugarcane Stall

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Dipak, Customer

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Sanjaya Jethi, Customer

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Ajit Mangaraj, Customer