Watch: Foreigners Celebrate Holi In Odisha's Konark In High Spirits

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21 March 2019


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Puri: The spirit of Holi transcends religion, culture and even countries. A group of Russian tourists make it a point to travel all the way to Konark every year to celebrate the festival of colors in high spirits.

After dancing to the beats of cymbals and splashing colors on each other, the group of tourists also went on to give the message of not wasting water in the festival. Holding placards of 'Conserve Water, Conserve Life', the tourists made it a point to use only dry organic colors.

Micheal, who organises the tour every year, said, "We play colors of neem, pudina, chandan and haldi. Holi is the festival of Radha and Krishna, but they never celebrated it using chemical colors. So, we are following their footsteps."

After enjoying 'bhang', the tourists danced away and even performed the 'Dahi Handi' ritual. They posed for selfies and smeared colors on the cheeks. Dressed in white kurtas and sarees, the tourists were unrecognizable by the end of the day as they were immersed in vibrant splashes. If this isn't the true spirit of Holi, then what is?

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Michael, Organiser