Watch: Khurda Priest Places Feet On Devotees' Head To Give ‘Blessings’

10 October 2019


Khurda: Superstition arises from ignorance and usually trumps logic at the drop of a hat. In one such highly circulated video, a priest is seen giving ‘blessings’ to people by placing his feet on their head while they are bowing down to him.

The shocking incident occurred at Banapur Chaya Mandap on Monday which coincides with Maha Navami of the Dusshera celebrations. On this day, people worship their tools, machines, and vehicles as part of Astra Puja or Ayudha Puja.

As per reports, the employees of the Baba Brahmeshwar Motors were at the local temple to pay respects to Goddess Durga and have their vehicles worshipped.

After the rituals were done with, the video shows vehicle owners and drivers lined and bowing down to the priest Ramachandra Samantaray aka Rama Bhaina. The priest blesses each of them by placing his feet on their heads one by one.

The video soon went viral and received sharp criticism from all corners. While people usually bow down before Gods or elders for their blessings, it was highly unusual for the priest to put his feet on heads and people, without any debate, accepting it.