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Viral Video: Young College Students Caught Drinking On Roadside

03 February 2020

Diptanshu Dash

Angul: In a video that is circulating widely, a few college-going girls are seen drinking alcohol while their friend shoots the video.

The video is suspected to have originated from Angul and the identity of the girls is being concealed for the sake of privacy.

As we can see in the video, three girls are with a male friend and another who is shooting the video. They can be seen pouring drinks into their respective glasses and drinking amidst chits-chats and laughs.

While it is not illegal for above-18 to drink alcoholic drinks, the girls are at fault since they are in their college uniforms. Breaking societal norms for personal growth or for the growth of the community will be largely appreciated; but doing so just for the sake of being rebellious is condemnable.

The said viral video has drawn sharp criticism from all corners of the society with the intellectuals questioning where the next generation is heading to.