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Viral Video: Lovebirds Harassed By Self-Styled Moral Police

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13 December 2017


Bolangir: A video is doing multiple rounds on social media showing a bunch of youths harassing a young couple who were found together in the fields. These lovebirds were caught red-handed spending time with each other, and one of self styled moral policeperson filmed the whole act.

The girl was seen petrified and taken aback by the intrusion to their privacy. The youths started questioning about their village and parents. As known from the video, the boy hailed from Mahimunda village of Bolangir whereas the girl hailed from Ahilapalli village.

The youths are seen chiding them in the name of morality and even threatened to show the video to the principal of the college where the girl student was studying (as known by her uniform).

They even asked her whether she was a student of Rishira college.

Multiple attempts by OMMCOM NEWS to contact the IIC of the local police station were unattended.