Viral Video: Boy Assaults Girlfriend In Public For Break-Up

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07 March 2018

Pramod Das

Soro: A video has been doing rounds in Whatsapp where a college girl was slapped by her boyfriend on road as she had the audacity to break-up with him.

A couple of days back, the break-up in a teenage young college girl’s life took an ugly turn when her boyfriend turned up and slapped her on road in Soro asking back all the money he had spent on her.

Notably, the boy and the girl were in relationship. Due to some reason, the girl broke up with the boy. Unable to take the break-up, he intercepted the girl while she was returning from college a couple of days back. He slapped her in front of her friends and one of his friends was filming the whole incident on his mobile phone.

In the video, it is seen that he is yelling at his ex-girlfriend. He even asked for some money which he had either spent on her or had given to her.

He asks the friend to post the video on social media that it becomes viral and the girl would be shamed.One of the girl's friends is also seen objecting to the filming of this incident, but id does not deter him.

There has been no complaint filed in any police station regarding this incident or video by either of the parties.