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Unruly Army Aspirants Face Lathi-Charge At Bhubaneswar Railway Station

16 October 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: Hundreds of army aspirants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who were returning to their respective homes after attending the recruitment drive going on at 120 Infantry Battalion campus in Bhubaneswar faced lathi-charge by RPF, GRP and local police on Tuesday for creating unrest at Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

As an army recruitment drive is going on at the 120 Infantry Battalion campus from October 14, hundreds of army aspirants from other States are coming to Odisha to attend the drive. However, it was that the aspirants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh entered into coaches of two Bhubaneswar bound trains without any ticket and occupied the seats forcibly.

The passengers of reserved coaches also faced the same ordeal and some passengers of Nandan Kanan Express had lodged a complaint with the GRP at Bhubaneswar Railway Station in this regard on Sunday.

Yesterday, the aspirants boarded the Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express to return to their native places. Again they had not bought the tickets and even started harassing passengers of reserved coaches. As the aspirants were in large numbers, the GRP took the help of RPF and local police to shove out the unruly aspirants from the train.

However, when the train started to move, some of the aspirants inside the train pulled the chain. As they started repeating it for four to five times, the police personnel had to resort to lathi-charge to disperse them.

Even then they did not mend their ways and stage a dharna on the tracks to stop the train from leaving the station which lead to another lathi-charge by the police and the train was escorted out from the station safely. The train which had to leave the station at 11 PM left after a delay of 1 hour and 15 minutes.