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Twins Conjoined At Stomach Born In Nayagarh, Parents Seek For Govt Help

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02 December 2017


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Nayagarh: Jaga Balia had hit the media attention and they had a major operation of separation, which was undertaken by a team of expert doctors at AIIMS at the behest of the State Government.

Now, a woman named Sumitra Dutta gave birth to twin girls Ganga-Jamuna, who were conjoined at their stomach in a private nursing home at Khalipatana village near Sarankula PS in Nayagarh district. The father of the twins, Kishore Dutta was taken aback by this condition of his children and rushed to the Nayagarh DHH, from where he was referred to SCB Medical College & Hospital.

“It would have been better if I would have been blessed with two daughters. Now it is upto God as to what will happen to my twins. I have heard about Jaga Balia, how the help from Govt and the prayers of the masses had them successfully separated. I can only hope of such miracle for my kids,” said a worried Sumitra.

Kishore Dutta is a security guard at a private firm and do not earn much so as to even think of such a costly operation.

“I can only appeal the government to help my daughters as they did it in the case of the craniopagus twins Jaga-Balia,”cried out the devastated father.

The second such case of conjoined twins in the State has left everyone amused as well as hopeful that they also will get a chance to lead different lives if separated.

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Sumitra Dutta, Mother Of Ganga Jamuna

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Kishor Dutta, Father Of Ganga Jamuna