Tugboat Evacuates Malaysian Stranded Ship From Chilika

15 September 2019


Puri: The saga of the Malaysian ship which was stranded on Chilika's Rajhans over the past one and a half months, ended on Sunday night. A tugboat which arrived on Odisha coast from Singapore was able to rescue and pull and evacuate Malaysian cargo ship 'Jin Hwa 32' during a high tide at around 10 pm today.

The tugboat had arrived at Rajhans today morning and was pressed into evacuation process immediately. A 15-member team of experts was engaged in the activity. As the ship had run aground and submerged the evacuation process was not a tough job.

The tugboat team failed twice but finally during the third attempt managed to pull the cargo ship. With this, the scare of oil spill looming over Rajhans culminated. The district administration and Coast Guard authorities breathed a sigh of relief as Jin Hwa 32 sailed into the waters.