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Tugboat Arrives To Remove Malaysian Ship From Chilika

14 September 2019


Puri: A tugboat has arrived to remove the Malaysian cargo ship 'Jin Hwa 32' that has gone aground on the Chilika Lake’s coast since August 7, said sources on Saturday.

Reportedly, the tugboat has arrived from Singapore and will tow the cargo ship from the coast on Sunday. And if in a situation where the cargo ship cannot be pulled, then as per Collector's orders the ship will be removed in scraps. However, since all oil has been drained from Jin Hwa, it does not pose any risk to Chilika or the sea; added the Puri Collector.

The Puri district administration had earlier issued a seven-day notice to the owner of the ship to make necessary arrangements to undock the container and ship. The ship being idle had started to sink in the beach.

Notably, the ship was traveling from to Vishakhapatnam and was washed ashore after being damaged by high winds and rough seas.