This Youth Proves One Need Not Be ‘Dana Majhi’ To Genuinely Draw Attention

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29 June 2019

Pramod Kumar Das

Balasore: "Carrying on Shoulders” to give ‘dignity to the dead’ became the new trend in Odisha after Dana Majhi walked over 12 kilometers carrying his dead wife’s body on shoulders in 2016. As he drew attention from international media and welfare organizations, 'shoulders' became the main mode of conveyance to transport the dead in interior pockets of the State.

However, a social activist named Satyajit Mahalik of Remuna has proved that one can genuinely save lives by carrying a sick person on shoulders. He has proved that humanity is still alive at an age when everyone is busy thinking about selfish gains. He has garnered praise from people for helping a sick elderly woman by carrying her in his hands to a hospital for treatment.

Sabita Sahoo, suffering from diarrhea, was undergoing treatment in Remuna Medical. However, the doctors referred her to Balasore District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) when her condition worsened. Due to delay in arrival of 108 ambulance, Satyajit immediately offered help to the lady and carried her in his arms.

He took her till the main road where Satyajit and other youths contributed money to book an auto-rickshaw. The woman was transported to the DHH in time and is reported to be in stable condition. She thanked Satyajit for his Good Samaritan act and blessed him with a good future.