This New Year You Can Gift Warmth & Joy, Know How

05 January 2020

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: Beginning the New Year on a happy note, UDRA foundation in collaboration with Pyaris Bakery have created a mode to spread warmth and joy in the lives of underprivileged across all age groups through the donation of old clothes.

With motto- ‘Thile Dia, Nathile Nia’, the campaign which started on January 1 has been a huge success till now. UDRA’s box has been placed outside Pyaris Bakery and people who have extra clothes of any kind can put them in the box. The foundation cleans the clothing items and makes sure it reaches the needy and underprivileged. And hence the tagline- ‘Thile Dia, Nathile Nia’.

The volunteers of UDRA also go around with UDRA boxes for people who are not able to go for donation. This way the outreach increases, said volunteer Sadip Mahapatra. The campaign will end on January 31.

Carrying on the benevolent work started by her father-in-law, UDRA’s Secretary Subhojyoti Hati has also been handling a lot of charity work. Her organisation had last year too carried on the cloth donation campaign and deems it as a huge success. They had also participated in activities like beach cleaning and ‘gift a plant’.

The organisation also has a positive social media reach, which has been a major attraction for the smart city netizens. Through social media, the donors have been able to easily track how beneficial the campaign has been, said a donor Kunirani Barik.

Subhojyoti Hati, Secertary, UDRA

Sadip Mahapatra, Volunteer, UDRA

Kunirani Barik, Donor On UDRA Campaign