This Election Season, Candidates Sweat It Out To Woo Voters In Odisha

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11 April 2019


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Bhubaneswar:               The summer heat is on! With the polls knocking at the door in Odisha, every politician in the fray is literally sweating it out. This political season is posing a dual challenge for the candidates of various parties who are engaged in the election campaigning. Not only they are trying to beat their political opponents, but are also having a tough time to beat the unprecedented rise in mercury level during the campaigning season.

Campaigning, they say in one voice, is neither tough nor demanding as they are here for the service of the people. They are all set to do anything to woo the voters to their side, be whatever the hassles. No dissenting voices on that.

The BJP’s MP candidate from Puri Sambit Patra has left everything in the hands of Lord Jagannath. “I don’t find this heat as challenging as I have the backing of PM Narendra Modi and blessings of Lord Jagannath. I am here to beg votes as it is the wish of Lord Jagannath and am here to remove the heat wave unleashed by the ruling party.”

Sambit Patra is the national spokesperson of BJP and is contesting for the Puri Lok Sabha seat in the upcoming 2019 Indian general election.

Balabhadra Majhi, BJP’s MP candidate from Nabrangpur who is on a campaigning spree in Malkangiri opines, “People from all walks of life are coming to hear to what their leaders have to offer despite the heat. So, it is imperative that we should come out and cater to their demands and try to allay their doubts regarding our manifesto.

Majhi is the MP from Nabarangpur in the outgoing Lok Sabha who resigned from the BJD few days back to join the saffron party.

“The mercury has risen upto 40-42 degree Celsius in Malkangiri and all the parties have tightened their belts for campaigning. When people come out to greet and support us in huge numbers in every village we visit, it is overwhelming and we seem to be lost in the zeal of the crowd. So, heat becomes secondary,” Congress MLA Mala Madi said during his campaign process in Malkangiri.

“Although there is hot weather round the year in Malkangir, the support and the enthusiasm of the voters help us beat the heat,” clarifies MJD MLA Mukunda Sodi.

Pramila Bisoi, the 68-yr-old SHG worker who has been fielded as a MP candidate by the BJD from Aska Lok Sabha constituency candidly said, “I am a woman who have always worked in hot weather along with my supporters. If I feel much tired due to heat, I might take some rest under some tree, quench my thirst and resume my work soon after. But I have never been intimidated by the heat and would continue to work for the benefit of my people.”

This election, the candidates hope to take on the challenges of the Indian summer in their own unique way as people might be in the favour of different parties but the heatstrokes aren't favouring anybody there.

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Pramila Bisoi, BJD Candidate, Aska

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Sambit Patra, BJP Candidate, Puri

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Balabhadra Majhi, BJP Candidate, Nabarangpur