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These Pictures Of Police Torturing Man In Beat House Goes Viral

13 November 2017

Tapan Das

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Jagatsinghpur: When there is a hue and cry for human rights of people across the globe, some police officials in India still have a colonial mindset ingrained which is proved by this instance in these pictures which has gone viral in social media.

According to media sources, a carpenter named Kalindhi Ojha of Jasobantpur village was tortured at the police beat house here in an inhuman manner. In the pictures, Kalindhi is seen being thrashed by an ‘official’ in civil dress and even stepping on the injured and bandaged foot of the ‘victim’.

It is said that Kalindhi worked for a shopkeeper in Haata Bazaar. When he refused the continue at that place, the shopkeeper allegedly bribed the police to put pressure on the hapless worker so that he would not leave the work.

When OMMCOM NEWS talked to Rajanikant Mishra, IIC, Jagatsingpur about this matter he clarified, “ We received some pictures which were going viral on social media showing a person being tortured claimed to be a beat house here. Firstly, the incident did not occur recently, that is yesterday or day before. It was long back and we are investigating the incident. Moreover only the body parts of the accused is seen in the photograph.

When asked about one of the police official whose face is half seen in the photos, he said, “We have identified that official and investigation has started. As for the victim, we have known about his identity only through media sources. We are yet to trace him.”

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Rajanikant Mishra, IIC, Jagatsinghpur PS