The Inspiring Story Of Birendra, Snack-Stall Owner's Son Who Cracked OAS

07 January 2020

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: There are situations in life when we get disheartened with what we have, start comparing with others, get depressed and finally give up. But it should be the other way round, says Birendra Tripathy, 67th rank holder in the Odisha Civil Services merit list which was published on Monday.

Born in a family which runs a roadside snacks stall, Birendra has confronted hardships very closely. The road to success was never so easy for him. "Perseverance and determination to achieve something big is all in the mind. We have to believe in our strengths and defeat negativity," he says.

"The moment we start comparing with what others have, and what we lack, negativity creeps in. Thereafter all our efforts and will power takes a backseat," he added.

Amidst all the difficulties which Birendra faced, he used to enjoy the preparation for OCS examinations. OCS being a subjective paper was not a cakewalk. However, once you start loving what you do, the path becomes easier. "Difficulties and adversities teach the true lessons of life. Same was the case with me and I shall utilise the same while working for the people of this State," he added.

Birendra added that since he comes from a humble background, it will be easier for him to grasp the problems faced by the people belonging to the low-income groups.

Speaking about the contributions of people in his success, the OCS rank-holder said that blessings of his parents and God guarded him at every step. "Their blessings and my belief in the Almighty was with me all the time. I owe my success to them."

Birendra's uncle has played a major role in supporting the family and his studies. It would not have been possible for me to pursue a career so far, and qualify for the OCS, It was all because of my uncle's hard labour and financial support, he adds.

Mayadhar Tripathy, Father

Surendra Tripathy, Uncle

Visuals of Birendra's House and Snack-Stall