Surgery Of HIV Patient In VIMSAR, Medical Negligence Alleged

30 October 2019


Burla: A doctor has been accused of not following precautionary measures during the treatment of patients after conducting surgery of an HIV-Infected patient in Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR), Burla.

Reportedly, an HIV-infected patient of Angul had been admitted in the hospital on October 13 after meeting with an accident. As some of his facial bones had been damaged in the accident, the Department of Dental Surgery was called for Intermaxillary fixation (IMF). The call was attended by Assistant Professor Dr Prashant Kumar Swain who said to bring the patient to the department's Operation Theatre (OT) on October 28.

The surgery of the said patient was conducted from 10 AM to 12 PM on the aforesaid day in the department's minor OT. However, no special precaution or procedure as done in the case of an HIV-infected patient was followed. Further, many other patients were treated in the same OT on that day.

The incident came to light after an inspection by a team of doctors later in the afternoon. It was after they reported the matter to Dean & Principal, the department was sealed and sterilized on Tuesday. The patients visiting the department were sent to the Department of ENT.

Meanwhile, Dr Swain alleged that it is a conspiracy against him. He said that as per general procedure the ward ticket of any patient should mention if he or she is HIV-infected or not. But it was not mentioned in the ticket of the said patient nor had he received the ELISA test report.

However, he conducted the surgery and after knowing about the HIV-infection informed it to his authorities and took the post-exposure prophylaxis medicine.

Naba Kishore Das, Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Odisha