CM Urges Nizamuddin Returnees To Self-Register, Vows Complete Support

Steps On To Restrict Mobility Of Quarantined Persons In Odisha

23 March 2020


Bhubaneswar: In continuance of its fight against the outbreak of COVID-19, the State Government is taking some additional measures such as community monitoring of quarantined homes and placement of stickers, as listed below.

1. District Administration will get these stickers pasted to restrict the mobility of the residents who have been place under Home Quarantine. Those who have completed quarantine will not be covered.

2. The stickers will mention the duration of Home Quarantine, the details of the house and family too.

3. Clear instructions should be given to community for no one to visit the house.

4. It is mandated that no media/ press is allowed near the house and no one is allowed to cover any such case in press/ media or no one should give personal details of persons quarantined in public domain.

5. The list of Quarantined homes to be shared with the Local Police Station for maintaining a strict vigil on these houses. Workers of IDSP Cell should also monitor these cases.

6. The instructions will be implemented through District Magistrates and Municipal Commissioners.

7. Vigil by local authorities should be kept to ensure that there is no social boycott. Local administration, while calling these household should enquire about same.

8. Issue of availability of essential commodities for these household needs to be handled locally by district administration.

9. Cases referred by any source -104 Help line, IDSP Cell, etc, will be covered as long as they have been directed by competent authorities for Home Quarantine.

10. District Magistrates may apply these guidelines to people returning from other states, mutatis mutandis, as per local requirements.

Subroto Bagchi, Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19, Odisha