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Shocker! Snakebite Victim Chooses Prayers Over Treatment In Jajpur

03 October 2019


Jajpur: While medical knowledge is making great advancement, it is up to people to reap the benefits or not. In one such incident, a snakebite victim preferred to conduct special prayers instead of going to a hospital for treatment.

This shocking incident occurred yesterday night at Asanajhar village under Korei block in Jajpur district.

One Ramakant Nayak was bitten by a snake while he was in his fields. Instead of rushing to a hospital, he straight went to nearby temple. He refused to bulge even when some social workers called an ambulance for him.

As night progressed, villagers gathered at the temple. Apart from special prayers, bhajan-kirtan was conducted to save Nayak’s life. As per last reports, he was still at the temple for Gods to remove poison from his body while this article was being written.

It seems as if all the advancement of the modern world has failed to eradicate the darkness of blind faith.