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Selfless Act: Nurse Leaves Her Own Wedding Mandap To Look After Sick Guests In Rourkela

22 April 2019


Rourkela: Every year, hundreds of young minds enter the profession of medicine aiming to serve humankind without any personal ambitions or gains. Very few among them stay true to the course and Premika Lakra, a resident of Rajgangpur area of Sundergarh district, is one of them.

On 19th April, Premika was tying the wedding knot with one Mangal in Lathopada village, when more than 100 persons were taken ill after consuming feast in their in the wedding. The guests started complaining of nausea, stomach pain and some even showed signs of vomiting. The auspicious occasion deemed to be the ‘day of the bride’ turned into a tense atmosphere in a blink of the eye.

In all the chaos, Premika stepped up to responsibly do her duty as a nurse. Leaving the wedding mandap midway amidst ritual, Premika rushed to the hospital to look after the unwell guests. She selflessly said, “I am a staff nurse. How could I continue with my wedding when so many people had been taken ill?”

After this act, Premika has become talk of the town as everyone has heaped praises on her. Her loving and caring nature for her patients truly justifies her name.