Security Guard's Death In Odisha's Capital: Post-Mortem Reveals Suicide Out Of Guilt, 1 Arrested For Abetment

06 April 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: In a shocking revelation, post-mortem report has confirmed that security guard Gadadhar Swain was not murdered but had committed suicide. On March 28, Gadadhar was found with his throat slit on premises of a marble factory near Pahala area following which mystery had shrouded his death.

His body was found with two injury marks and post-mortem from Capital Hospital has revealed that both the injuries were self-inflicted. The "GAMUCHHA" (cloth) found in the spot belonged to the deceased which means that the deceased tried to hang himself by means of the cloth and when he failed, he resorted to stabbing his belly and finally slitting his throat using the in-house knife.

Commissionerate Police has also revealed that Gadadhar and one Bubuna (Dibakar Bhuyan) had committed theft from the marble factory for which Gadhadhar was in depression and felt guilty, thus ultimately committed suicide.

Although deceased Gadadhar Swain committed suicide out of guilt feeling and depression, but accused Bubuna abetted the deceased to commit suicide in this case and for which he is liable and has been arrested.

Further investigation into the matter is currently underway.

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Anup Sahoo, DCP, Bhubaneswar