Schools Earn Safety Rebuke, Ordered To Keep Vigil On Kids Riding Bike

25 December 2019

Debasish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: All Higher Secondary schools of the State have been ordered to keep an eye on the kids who come to school on motorized vehicles.

The decision was taken as per the decision taken in State Road Safety Council Meeting.

In a letter dated December 23 from Transport Commissioner Odisha, Cuttack, directed all the schools across Odisha to make sure that they:

1. Not allow underage children of the school should not drive motorized vehicles to reach school

2. Implement school bus policy

3. 3-wheelers should not carry more school students than the prescribed limit, and to abide by the Rules of Road Safety as prescribed by the State Road Safety Council.

The notice also requested to “take action on the road safety matters on letter and spirit and any deviation in the matter may be brought to the notice of local RTO immediately for the safety of the school students.”

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 was implemented nation-wide from September 1 and brought forth a sea of change in traffic rules and their implementation.