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Scenes From Ultimate Day Of Dhanu Jatra: Demon King Kansa Demolished By Nephew Lord Krishna

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22 January 2019


Bargarh: The world renowned 11-day long ‘Dhanu Jatra’ came to a close here last night with the killing of demon king Kansa in the hands of his nephew Lord Krishna. Re-establishing the popular saying ‘good triumphs evil’, the tyrant monarch was wiped out form the face of the Earth to restore peace in the mythological town of Mathura.

Bhubaneswar Pradhan essayed the role of King Kansa, while Ayush Birtia and Ashutosh Birtia portrayed the characters of Lord Krishna and Balaram respectively. The curtains came down with Lord Krishna and Balaram entering Kansa’s court (Ranga Sabha) and exterminating the king. The story comes to a full circle as Kansa is reminded of the akashvani (celestial proclamation) about his death in the hands of his nephew Krishna.

Keeping in line with the tradition, Kansa will now leave for Puri to visit the Jagannath temple and atone for his sins.

Based on mythological story of Krishna and his demon uncle Kansa, Dhanu Jatra features tales of ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’. While Bargarh town turns Kansa’s kingdom Mathura, Hatapada here features as his court. On the other hand, Ambapalli, situated on the other side of river Jeera here, features as Gopapur, kid Lord Krishna’s nativity.

Annual drama-based open air theatrical performance Dhanu Jatra is an 11-day long festival that starts from Pausa Shukla Panchami to Pausa Purnima and has been accorded the status of national festival by Government of India’s department of culture. It is observed in a field spread across a 6km radius area around the Bargarh municipality- the world's largest open air theater.

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