Same-Sex Relationship: Dutee Trashes Her Mother’s Statements, Appeals Media Not To Blemish Family’s Image

20 May 2019


Bhubaneswar: A day after the startling revelation of same-sex relationship made by ace Odia sprinter and Olympian Dutee Chand followed by the vitriolic reactions of her mother soon after, the star athlete today on her Facebook timeline has trashed her mother’s media statements. Dutee has also simultaneously appealed the media not to tarnish her family’s image unnecessarily.

In her fresh Facebook post in chaste Odia language today, Dutee has bravely confessed, “Yes I’ve revealed my personal matter to the whole world. I have same-sex relationship and I’m also happy with it. It’s my purely exclusive decision and I have full right on my personal life. I urge no one should poke nose into my personal life. Why should my institution or family members be dragged into controversy?...........The media statements that my mother have given alleging that I haven’t contributed anything to the progress and prosperity of my home front are completely false. She (mother) might have been lured up or forced to issue such allegations. Appeal the media persons not to tarnish my family’s image.”

“I love my family members and keep on loving. If anyone thinks that I haven’t done any duty towards my family members, one should personally visit my village and verify what I have contributed or not,” Dutee has defended in her latest Facebook post today (May 20, 2019).