Odisha youth runs 230 kilometres from Bonth area of Bhadrak to Puri

Russian Devotee's Bhajans & Bhakti Mesmerise People At Puri's Bada Danda

24 January 2020


Puri: He is fondly revered as the Lord of the Universe. Rightly so, the devotion of people for Lord Jagannath knows no boundaries. People from across the world throng Puri during Rath Yatra when the Holy Trinity come out of the Jagannath Temple for their annual sojourn to their aunt's house.

Today at the Bada Danda, people were mesmerised to watch a Russian devotee singing hymns in the glory of Lord Jagannath. The name of this devotee is Anukulananda Das. He has come all the way from Russia and dedicated himself to the Lord.

Das has a set of musical instruments which include an accordion, a microphone, a speaker and drums.

During the evening hours, he selects a place on the Bada Danda and starts humming bhajans for Lord Jagannath. A large number of people coming to the Jagannath Temple were attracted to this man and danced to his tunes.

Many were seen taking selfies with Das, a foreigner, whose devotion is in no way less than any Indian devotee of Lord Jagannath.