Relief For Traffic Police Personnel, 8 Toilets Installed In Bhubaneswar

07 November 2019


Bhubaneswar: Their working hours are long, they have no option to rest while at work, keep standing and manage the busiest streets of the city. However, these men and women in uniform had limited or no options to ease themselves. The problem is even more grim for the traffic policewomen who have literally no option of using a toilet while at work.

In order to address this issue, the Traffic Unit of Commissionerate of Police have taken a major step by installing eight toilets near traffic posts across the Capital City. On Thursday, the first among these toilets was inaugurated at Acharya Vihar, one of the busiest junctions of the city.

DCP Traffic Sagarika Nath who was present at the brief inaugural ceremony said that it is a welcome step which was backed and facilitated by DGP BK Sharma and Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi. "It is a welcome relief for our personnel who are working for long hours," she said.

At present, there are around 52 manned traffic posts in Bhubaneswar and the city's traffic unit comprises 400 personnel. The Twin City police plan to extend the facility to other important traffic posts after assessing the success of the pilot project.

The toilet facilities project has been self-funded and will be maintained by the Traffic Unit, she added.