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Reformed Maoist Exemplifies Dignified Life

22 November 2019

Panchanan Dash

Malkangiri: Once a Maoist sympathiser who laid down his arms in 2017 with a desire to return to the mainstream, Ashok now leads a compliant life with his head held high.

Ashok alias Suraj was associated with the CPI (M) for about 10 years and worked at Mao-infested areas such as Kalimela, and Baipariguda. With hardcore training and with his conceited thinking he had risen rapidly through ranks, accounts Ashok sadly.

However, with time, as the mirage faded the reality dawned on him. He decided to quit his hardcore unsatisfying Mao life in 2017. Since he was wanted in both Andhra Pradesh and his home state Odisha, he received monetary aid from both the states as per pre-defined surrender policy, said Ashok.

With a firm resolve to lead a dignified life, he bought an auto-rickshaw. His move was supported by the local auto-rickshaw association wherein they nulled their registration fees for Ashok.

Today’s Ashok is a reformed man and tried his best by being honest with his customers. He stresses that he never charges extra to cheat them in any manner.

He also urged his former colleagues to quit the hardened life and reap the benefits by returning to mainstream life.

Ashok, Reformed Maoist