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Rajya Sabha Poll Bugle For Odisha: BJD Aspirants Hopeful Of Supremo’s Nod

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Bhubaneswar: With the formal notification issued today for election to the vacant three seats of Rajya Sabha from Odisha, BJD aspirants are now agog to know the seal of approval of party chief-cum-Chief Minister for being nominated as the party candidates this time.   

State Secretariat today abuzzed by such aspirants. They are ostensibly aspiring for their respective turn to enter the Upper House of Parliament as BJD has won 112 seats.

In his media reactions, former Berhampur MLA and senior BJD leader Ramesh Chandra Chyau Patnaik said, “Many senior BJD leaders of Berhampur city and also senior party leaders from Ganjam district had come today. Our Chief Minister had instructed us during the general polls to work unitedly and had also assured to send Dr Chyau Patnaik to Rajya Sabha.”

“Hence, we all had our concerted efforts for the victories of Berhampur MLA candidate Bikram Panda and Berhampur MP candidate Chandra Sekhar Sahu. Both won the polls.”

“I’m hopeful because of the assurance given by him (BJD supremo-cum-Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik),” he stated optimistically.

On the other hand, former Bhubaneswar MP Prasanna Patsani said, “Not yet received any offer. I repose full faith in our Chief Minister. Whatever he speaks, he does it in action. Hence, the people are re-electing him repeatedly.”

He further stated, “When I was denied ticket for the Lok Sabha election, he had announced the Rajya Sabha matter. I had pleasantly accepted his decision of denying ticket to me then and had also worked for the party. If I’m not nominated this time, no qualms as he has something in store for the future.”

Senior BJD leader and Brajarajnagar MLA Kishore Mohanty said, “Our party president and our leader the Chief Minister will choose from the eligible candidates. He will be choosing the candidate who can raise the issues relating to Odisha’s interests, our party’s interests and above all the interests of all.”

“No question of western Odisha or eastern Odisha in this matter. One who will be sent to Rajya Sabha will work for entire Odisha. Western Odisha, Eastern Odisha, Northern Odisha and Southern Odisha don’t work here.”

Another senior BJD leader Pushpendra Singh Deo said, “Party president-cum-Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will take the final decision. He takes right decision at the right time. So, wait for this time too. Whatever decision will be taken by him, it will ultimately be the party’s decision.”

Responding to media query, senior BJD leader and Rajya Sabha aspirant Munna Khan said, “There isn’t any term called lobby in our party. Whatever decision is taken by our party president and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is accepted by all. This has been in the past and will also be at present.”

He explained, “I haven’t contested the assembly election and is unable to contest as my home constituency is a reserved seat.”

“As an active member of Biju Janata Dal (BJD), I’m certainly an aspirant for Rajya Sabha. But, the decision will be taken by our party president Naveen Patnaik. I’m hopeful that the Chief Minister will take appropriate decision and my wish would be fulfilled.”

Notably, the three Rajya Sabha seats from Odisha quota have been lying vacant as three BJD Rajya Sabha members Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, Pratap Keshari Deb and Achyuta Samant have got elected as MLAs and MP (Lok Sabha) respectively in the recent general polls.

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Dr Ramesh Chandra Chyau Patnaik, Senior BJD Leader

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Dr Prasanna Patsani, Senior BJD Leader

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Kishore Mohanty, MLA (BJD), Brajarajnagar

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Pushpendra Singh Deo, Senior BJD Leader

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Munna Khan, BJD Leader