Rains Leave Cracker Sellers High And Dry in Bhubaneswar

26 October 2019

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: With few hours left for Diwali, low pressure induced incessant rains in the last two days has hit cracker sales hard in Bhubaneswar.

For many cracker sellers, the business is yet to take off.

"Frankly, business is yet to start. Rains played spoilsport. Today and tomorrow are the two days on which we will be selling. I have invested Rs 2.5 lakhs. Let's see if the weather remains dry I expect we will be doing some business," said Rajendra Kumar Bal, a cracker seller, who has set up a temporary stall near Nayapalli Durga Mandap.

"Earlier years, we used to open the stalls four days ahead of Diwali. This year due to the rains we couldn't open our stalls. I have already spent around Rs 25,000 towards getting a licence and other paraphernalia. This year I will blame the rains. It has fully affected our business. Let us see how it turns out since the weather has improved," said Madhusudan Dora, another cracker seller.

"Because of rains business is down. That apart prices of crackers have gone up this year. We have purchased stuff at 25% higher rates than last year. Rates are high. We have taken a risk, let's see," said a cracker seller Anju Chandra Naik.

A few cracker sellers are still hopeful that if the weather remains dry sales would go up.

"Rains have affected our sales. But if the weather remains pleasant, cracker sales will pick up," stated Bijay Kumar Naik, another cracker stall owner.