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Railways To Continue Supply Of Essential Commodities, Request Commissionerate Police For Free Passage

24 March 2020


Bhubaneswar: The Indian Railways, today, said that it will continue its supply of essential commodities, after having stopped it passenger trains across all routes. Amid lockdown due to coronavirus epidemic, the Railways also requested the twin city Police Commissionerate to allow free movement of Railway Staff and vehicles.

The announcements were made in an official communique by the Indian Railways.

The letter said: Though all passenger carrying trains have been stopped, freight trains are still running. We are ensuring supply by moving goods like food grains, coal, petroleum products, fertilizers, milk in containers, vegetables in certain parts of the country, etc, which is very important for the society. East Coast Railway, in particular, is playing a major role in moving vital commodities like coal for powerhouses. If coal does not reach powerhouses, we will face a shortage of electricity from April onwards. Similar is the case with other items like petroleum products. We are transporting food grains like rice and wheat for Food Corporation of India and iron ore and finished steel for steel plants. Alumina powder and Aluminium ingots are being run for NALCO in special types of wagons.

In a separate letter to the Commissionerate Police, Khurda Road Divisional Railway Manager requested permission for free movement of road vehicles and Railway vehicles for continued movement of essential commodities.