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24 January 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: A day ahead of All India Congress Committee (AICC) president Rahul Gandhi visiting Odisha to address a public meeting at Tomando mini stadium in Bhubaneswar, ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) spokesperson Sasmit Patra has termed his visit as nothing other than cheap politics.

Congress should first focus on its party, not on Odisha as the party is on the verge of drowning. If Congress wants to bring some change, it should be brought within the party, said Patra.

"Rahul Gandhi remembered Odisha while the elections are near. He visited Odisha only twice in the last four-and-a-half years and while the elections are near he is more concerned about the State to visit it once every month," he added.

It is worthwhile to mention here that, AICC’s Odisha-in-charge Jitendra Singh had yesterday informed Rahul Gandhi's tour to Odisha has been slated for each month till the next three months.

Patra further questioned how many times has Rahul raised any question regarding Odisha in the parliament till date. It explains his viewpoint and intention towards Odisha, he added.

BJP's state unit spokesperson Golak Mohapatra said, the visit of Rahul Gandhi will have not effect on Odisha as his party has gone empty before his visit. He further said that as Congress is the party which has ruled the country and Odisha for the longest tenure, it is answerable to the country and State for their present situation.

On the other hand, Congress Talsara MLA Prafulla Majhi said, "Rahul Gandhi is our supreme leader and party activists will definitely get spurred up by his visit. As the elections are nearing, the visit of national leaders is a common issue."

He further disagreed that the Congress has been disorganised. The people with vested interests will come and leave the party and the process will continue as it is election year. The persons giving anti-party comments are also not pardonable. People will give appropriate answer to the ones leaving the party, he added.

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Sasmit Patra, Spokesperson, BJD

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Golak Mohapatra, Spokesperson, BJP

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Prafulla Majhi, MLA, Congress