12 BJD MP-Elects Meet Naveen
12 BJD MP-Elects Meet Naveen

Meet The Radio Man Of Odisha

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02 March 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: It was the year 1998 when a wooden radio had caught the attention of this carpenter and thus started his journey of collecting old radios. Rajendra Sahu, a resident of Saheed Nagar in Bhubaneswar, has till date collected over 300 radios that were slowly becoming extinct.

In a Tete-a-tete with OMMCOM NEWS Rajendra shared the experiences and challenges he had faced while fulfilling his passion.

Though it all started from 1998, Rajendra has intensified his search and collection for radios since the last five years. But lacking space and short on funds, he has stored some of his assemblages in houses of his friends and relatives.

As a carpenter, Rajendra has to work on a daily basis to earn for living, even then, he spares some time for his passion. Till date he has collected radios from Rayagada, Ganjam, Jajpur and Jagatsinghpur districts.

Out of the Rs 500 he earns daily, he gives Rs 300 to his wife for family spendings and uses the remaining Rs 200 to buy radios. Whenever any radio lover asks him for a radio, he sells it to them only if there similar piece to spare and buys another radio with the money.

The major hurdle faced by Rajendra to fulfill his passion is the repair and maintenance of the radios as he has to run to mechanics in Berhampur and Bhanjanagar regularly for the purpose.

He hopes the Government sets up a radio museum where he will be able to display his entire collection.

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