The Mystery Behind Puri Emaar Mutt's Deep Underground Chamber

29 August 2019


Puri: A major portion of the 900-year-old Emaar Mutt located near the Lion's Gate (Singhadwar) was being demolished on Thursday. The age-old mutt is closely linked to the Jagannath Temple and has always been mythical.

On Thursday, while the Mutt was being demolished, the district administration discovered a very high/deep chamber in one of the corners.

Sources said, this chamber was around 3-storeyed high and is linked to a tunnel which leads to an exit. The news about this underground chamber spread like wildfire and there was a huge crowd to catch a glimpse of this portion of the Mutt.

While some suggested that this could be a hidden treasure room, others claimed, it was at this place, secret rituals were performed in ancient times.

The administration rushed snake helpline and fire services personnel to inspect the chamber as it was pitch dark inside. However, the room was found to be empty and safe.

The local intelligentsia confirmed that this could have been the chamber for storing grains for consumption of the Mutt occupants. After the inspection was complete and the authorities confirmed that the room did not have any valuables, the demolition process resumed.

While the history and heritage of this Mutt dates back to the 12th Century, the place is considered to be very sacred. It may be recalled that this is the same Mutt from where 400 silver bricks were found in 2011.

Binay Dash, ADM, Puri

Suvendu Mallik, Founder, Snake Helpline