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Puri Swargadwar Revamping Begins, Demolition Reaches 3rd Day

13 December 2019

Ommcom News

Puri: The revamping of the historic Swargadwar has begun as the demolition reaches its third day on Friday.

As per the plan, the ‘Patha Shraaddha’ complex on the premises of the crematorium has been demolished followed by the scientific chimney installed to filter the smoke emanating during burning of bodies. Almost 70 per cent of the crematorium complex has been bulldozed.

There was a vocal distress amongst certain sections regarding demolition of ‘Patha Shraaddha’ complex. However, the temple administration has promised to build a temporary shed till the revamping is complete.

Speaking on the Swargadwar remodelling project Puri Sub-Collector Bhaba Tarana Sahoo said, “The developmental project is going as per plan and is on schedule. The opposition, if any, were minor and we are making sure that the renovation would not act as a hindrance to the cremation procedures.”

The State government on November 1 had announced Rs 5 crore development project which involves setting up state-of-the-art facilities for cremation and pall-bearers. Besides, all-weather cremation facilities will be set-up for the convenience of the public. The funds for the development project will be made available from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (CMRF) and will be carried out with the assistance of Phoenix Foundation.

Swargadwar-literally meaning 'Gateway to Heaven'- is the most sought after cremation ground of the Hindus. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had requested all to kindly cooperate while the refurbishing is underway.

Bhaba Tarana Sahoo, Sub-Collector, Puri