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Red Carpet Welcome For Puri Srimandir Devotees, New Look Appreciated By Pilgrims

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21 August 2019

Ommcom News

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Puri: The demolition around the ‘Meghanada Pacheri’ (boundary wall of Shree Jaganath Temple) continued for the third day in a row on Wednesday. Puri Administration made sure that the devotees were not troubled due the major development work around the Sri Jagannath temple.

Due to the drive, the area in front of the ‘Singhdwara’ (Lion's Gate) is being cleared which will help in managing the crowd during rush hours. Sri Mandir witnesses lakhs of footfall on a daily basis and the move by the State Government was mostly appreciated by the devotees.

While in conversation with Puri Sub-Collector Bhabatarana Sahoo, he said, “This is first of the many beautification drives to be conducted. Any kind of illegal construction was demolished in the drive around the Meghanad Pacheri which will benefit the devotees with Mandir Parikrama. No shops will be allowed to be constructed around the area now. Only settlements allowed will be the free shoe and mobile phone stand and help desks.”

He added that carpets have also been laid down for the devotees. With demolition going on, shoe and mobile phone racks have been shifted to a location far from temple.

Ommcom News also chatted with some devotees. Let’s have a look at what they said.

Founder and Secretary of Sri Jagannath Bhakta Seva Gobind Chandra Mohanty said, “We, Puri residents are happy with the administration’s move and also appreciate the Government paying attention to residents’ opinions. But I would request Puri administration to pay equal attention to development and Sri Mandir’s culture and tradition.”

Another devotee Karnel Singh said, “The temple exterior is not congested anymore and the darshan was an easy affair. As the demolition is going on currently, we faced some problems but it was okay as it was for betterment of the temple. I thank the Puri administration for the move.”

A regular devotee from Gajapati district was of opinion that “We had to walk a long way to reach the temple in this dire heat. But we are happy with Administration’s move. The Srimandir has a new look now.”

Paresh Chandra Das from Bhubaneswar opined, “I wish the carpets were wider, then more devotees could have entered the temple at one go. However, the Administration is working hard for the beautification drive and we await for further work.”

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Bhabatarana Sahoo, Sub-Collector, Puri

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