Puri Rath Yatra Live Telecast: OTV Is Highest Bidder, Final Decision By SJTA Tomorrow

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10 June 2019


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Puri: In response to the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA)’s decision to auction live telecast rights of Rath Yatra this year and as the SJTA invited TV channels to bid for the telecast rights from Snana Yatra to Neeladri Bije, OTV was found today the highest bidder.

Final decision will be taken by the SJTA Chief Administrator tomorrow.

As per the conditions laid down, the highest bidder will get the permission to telecast the event live. TV channels having minimum experience of five years can take part in this auction.

Talking to media, OTV DGM Shyama Prasad Mishra informed, “Today we had seven competitors. Among them, OTV’s is the highest bidder and is in No 1 position. We don’t know the outcome. Tomorrow it will be finalized. But, as per today’s bid process, OTV is in No 1 position.”

On being said that the highest bidder may also be turned down, he reacted, “Nothing to comment on it because I have already stated on both the positive and negative aspects. This bid process has been done for the development of Jagannath Mandir. We welcome it. As it has been stated by the temple management that the highest bidder will get the live telecast right, we’ll obviously hope that OTV will certainly gain.”

“OTV has never protested against anyone nor this bidding process. But the problem is that it has been done very late. Had it been a bit earlier, it would have been better. We generally prepare ourselves for Rath Yatra live telecast two months earlier. We need enough time for our production. This bidding time of 5-7 days is unjust,” he commented.  

Sadhana TV representative Shyama Sundar Mohapatra informed, “Seven channels are participants in the bidding process today. Among them are OTV, Prarthana, Kanak, News 18, MBC, Kalinga and Sadhana. All have given their biddings in writing. The seals were opened through the office of Niti Prashasak (Ritual Administrator).”

He added, “OTV is the highest bidder at Rs 54 lakhs, Prarthana Rs 10 lakhs, Kanak Rs 1.25 lakhs, News 18 Rs 15 lakhs, MBC Rs 36 lakhs, Kalinga Rs 10 lakhs, Sadhana’s bidding is Rs 4,44,444.44.”

“No decision has been taken today. Chief Administrator will finalise tomorrow. This provision has been done for the first time this year. It has both good and bad aspects,” mentioned the Sadhana TV representative.

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Shyama Prasad Mishra, DGM, OTV

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Shyama Sundar Mohapatra, Representative, Sadhana TV