Widespread Destruction In Puri & Jagannath Temple Caused By Cyclone FANI

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08 May 2019


Puri: On Friday, extremely severe Cyclone FANI made landfall in coastal district of Puri and what followed next was unparalleled devastation. With wind speed gusting more than 200 kmph, Cyclone Fani ravaged Puri and left people biting the dust. Not only havehouses, business establishments, electric lines, roads and telephone lines been damaged, but 12th century shrine Jagannath Temple has also bore the brunt of the cyclone.

In the temple, the statues of Lord Jaya and Bijaya (gatekeepers) have been ravaged. The busiest part and the pride of temple- Lion Gateway (Singhadwara) have also been heavily ruined. Iron supports of Sakhigopal and Baraha temples collapsed due to the winds and the sturdy Kalpa Bata Bruksha (mythical banyan tree) also could not win against the battle with storm.

Following all the destruction, darshan and rituals of deities were disrupted and preparation of Mahaprasad has also been stopped. The total damage has been assessed to be over Rs 5 crore, stated reports. SJTA chief administrator Pradipta Mohapatra said that work will begin in war footing over the next two days.

Satapada, Bramhagiri, Krushnaprasad, Nimapara, Gop and Satyabadi areas have also witnessed massive destruction by the cyclone.  While all the people had been evacuated from the coast, their houses and livelihood has been ruined. With uprooted trees and electric poles everywhere, normalcy in Puri feels like a far-fetched dream.

The famous Puri Sea Beach too, was left in ruins.The waves are still rough and the beach will not see visitors for a long time. The temporary stalls have also crashed down and the hotels are in ruins. Video footage shows that Mayfair Hotel in Puri has been flooded with glass pieces shattered everywhere, water on the floors and all décor ruined.