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Puri-Cuttack Passenger Train Did Not Leave Behind Three Coaches: ECoR

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10 July 2018


Bhubaneswar: The Public Relations department of the East Coast Railways (ECoR) has clarified that the news, 'Puri-Cuttack (58415) passenger train leaving behind three coaches in the Puri station today morning', was a misconception.

As per the clarification, the fourth coach from the rear was ‘certified as not fit to run’ and in order to detach it, the three rear-most coaches had to be detached first.

After disconnecting the last three coaches on the mainline, the train travelled to the end of the yard line to separate the ‘sick’ coach and transfer it to another track. The train then travelled back to connect the three bogies that had been detached back in the station.

The passenger train that was supposed to depart at 8 am, left the Puri station at 8:25 am with one coach short as the planned operation took 25 minutes to complete. Khurda Road Division clarified that the passengers were informed about the delay by the Station Staff and there was no cause of panic, the ECoR clarified.

The Public Relations department has also blamed the Puri Station officials for not having detached the ‘sick’ bogey before bringing the train to the platform.

"That way the delay of 25 minutes as well as misconceptions could have been avoided," stated the ECoR clarification.

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