Punjilal Gets Parole To Perform Mother’s Last Rites

11 January 2020


Bolangir: The mastermind of Patnagarh parcel bomb tragedy, Punjilal Meher, has been allowed one day parole to perform the last rites of his mother, who died on Friday.

Reportedly, Patnagarh ADJM court, on Saturday, denied the bail petition of Punjilal but allowed him to perform the funeral rites of his mother under police custody. After completion of the rites, he will be escorted back to the Patnagarh Sub-Jail.

Punjilal's mother had been suffering from cancer and breathed her last at Balangir DHH. Her mortal remains were kept at the mortuary while the family waited for Punjilal to come and perform the last rites.

It is worthwhile to mention that, Punjilal planned and executed the parcel bomb crime as a lone wolf in which newly-married techie Soumya Sekhar Sahu and his grandmother Jemamani were killed. His wife Reema had got seriously injured and later recovered at Cuttack SCB Medical College and Hospital after months-long treatment.