Power Supply Restoration In Phases, Ensuring Safety: Odisha Energy Secretary

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Bhubaneswar:  As the capital city of Odisha and other districts have been adversely affected by Cyclone FANI and has plunged into utter darkness since May 4, Energy Secretary today revealed that the normalcy of power supply is being done step by step as safety has to be ensured after it gets charged.

Talking to media persons at the State Secretariat on the present situation, Odisha Energy Secretary Hemant Sharma said, “Today we reviewed on the power supply restoration. Our officers have presented their reports on the situation of Kendrapada and Jagatsinghpur districts. As per the report, about 75% electricity supply has been restored by yesterday in Kendrapada while nearly 100% restoration will be there in 3-4 days.”

He added, “In Jagatsinghpur district, Paradip area has been restored approximately while in Jagatsinghpur town about 50% has been restored. Another 50% restoration will take around 4-5 days.”

He further informed, “So far Puri and Bhubaneswar’s situation is concerned, five primary sub-stations were charged today. They are Unit-8 primary sub-station, Unit-6, Saheed Nagar, GRIDCO Colony and Rasulgarh. By tomorrow, two more primary sub-stations-Mancheswar and Chankada will also be charged. Badgad and Mancheswar primary sub-stations may be charged by today night.”

He also informed, “The 33 KV Feeder by means of which our consumers are being supplied power, they are at Manchewar Feeder No 3, Secretariat Feeder, Water Works Feeder No 4 and Feeder No 6 have been charged till date. Five more feeders will be charged by today night. We had said earlier that about 10% consumers will be re-supplied with power and that has been achieved by today. Tomorrow it will increase more.”

He further informed, “Water for Feeder 6 has been charged today. That takes care of 60% of the water supply requirement of Bhubaneswar. We have three feeders for the water works. Feeders 4 and 6 have been charged. Munduli Feeder is ready to charge. As it is within the Chandaka Jungle for 9 km long, pole by pole checking is possible only in daytime, not nighttime. Today our team will be back by 6 pm after checking and it will definitely be charged by this evening.”

He explained, “In respect of deployment of manpower, 200 gangs are on job. By tomorrow this figure will reach 350. So work will also progress accordingly. As cutting of trees was getting delayed, today we decided that 26 more teams of Odisha Fire Services will be deployed from tomorrow morning. Each team will be deployed for each of our 26 primary sub-stations here. As railway operation has normalized from today, more workers will be reaching here by tomorrow from Srikakulam and and mostly from Howrah side.”

“Normalcy will be achieved step by step. As I told 10% has been achieved, 25% will be by tomorrow. When electricity will be charged, we will be doing it taking safety into consideration as trees are lying everywhere,” stated the Odisha Energy Secretary.

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Hemant Sharma, Odisha Energy Secretary