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20 July 2018

Ajesh Mallick

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Bhubaneswar: As Odisha’s ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) opted for walking out of the Lok Sabha today just prior to the No Confidence Motion started protesting against Odisha neglect by the Centre, main opposition Congress and also Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) reacted to such a development.

Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) president Niranjan Patnaik in his reactions said, “Remained absent from vital NITI Aayog meeting. Instead of walking out today before the no confidence motion, they (BJD) could have vented Odisha’s interests.”

“We (Congress) suspect that they (BJD) are simply taking Odisha people for a ride. In fact, they have nothing to do with the interests of Odisha and its people. They resorting to such activities only for the sake of vested interests and self protection,” the OPCC president lambasted.

He also commented, “This is all due to CBI scare. Despite ample evidence, CBI is not taking direct action.”

On the contrary, BJD spokesperson Sameer Dash argued, “Had BJD taken part in the no trust vote, the outcome is well-known to all. Hence, Niranjan Babu’s statements don’t hold any significance.”

“Whatever decision BJD has taken today is justified. Actually we were neglected during the UPA regime. We had demanded then special category. They didn’t pay heed to it. Also we have been neglected during this NDA tenure. So BJD decision for walk out is right,” he argued.

He defended, “State’s interest is our prime agenda. Our votes had nothing to do either with fall or intact of the NDA Government. BJD is never scared of anyone. Our main asset is the keenness and fear of the people of Odisha. There is nothing about CBI scare. Niranjan Babu has told it in a political light. Neither had there been any CBI fear nor is yet.”

Odisha BJP spokesperson Golak Mohapatra remarked, “The arguments they (BJD) are putting forth here today, they could have vented in the Lok Sabha as had been allotted 15 minutes of time. Whole India would have noticed it. Their statements would have been recorded. Hence, why they boycotted?”

He argued, “They are talking about Centre’s neglect, MSP, Mahanadi, Polavaram, etc. Today they could have presented those issues with data within the 15 minutes of time. They could have presented their statements and could have walked out after that.”

The BJP spokesperson further argued, “BJP has alone a strength of 272 MPs and along with the allies it goes upto 353. Hence, BJP doesn’t need the support of BJD.”

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Niranjan Patnaik, President, PCC, Odisha

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Sameer Dash, Spokesperson, BJD

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Golak Mohapatra, Spokesperson, BJP, Odisha