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Poetry Has The Power Bring In A Better Social Order, Says Naveen Patnaik

02 October 2019


Bhubaneswar: Since time immemorial, poetry has been the expression of humanity. Poets across the globe irrespective of their boundaries, have kept alive human values all around us, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said on Wednesday.

Addressing the World Congress of Poets at Bhubaneswar, Naveen said that from ancient times in India, poets have vividly depicted social systems, values and played a very significant role in the socio-political transformation of the country.

"Odisha is a land of cultural pluralism. It has a rich and enviable tradition of poetry. From Sarala Das to Jagannath Das, from Bhima Bhoi to Baladev Rath, from Gangadhar Meher to Radhanath Ray, from Mayadhar Mansingh and Kuntala Kumari Sabat to Sachi Routray, our poets have immensely contributed to enrich Odia literature, challenging social prejudices, advocating empowerment and promoting human virtues. This creative flow of expression continues unabated," he said.

The worldview in the immortal lines of 19th Century poet Bhima Bhoi - 'Mo Jibana Pache Narake Padithau, Jagat Uddhara Heu,' which means, Let my soul be subjected to sufferings in the hell, but the world be resurrected, is now illuminating and igniting million minds in the UNO headquarters, said Naveen.

"In the 150th year of the Mahatma, we are, in fact, celebrating the quintessence of basic human values, peace and non-violence. In our attempts at a global society free from prejudices and a New Social Order in the path of peace and non-violence, our poets can alone create the kind of empathy that it needs."

Welcoming all the delegates at the Congress, Naveen said, "I very strongly believe that poetry has the power to change, to transform and bring in a better social order."

"As the World Congress of Poets is all about the promotion of poetry as a natural and vital network connecting poets to the worlds need for cooperation and peace, for us here creativity coupled with peace and non-violence is taking new strides," he added.